Ancient Beauty Tea Buttons

Our Rare oolong tea leaves from thousand-year-old trees produce a sweet, honey-like fragrance and a glowing amber hue

Spring Creation

Our Chef at The Coffee Bean Pavilion is starting the season with two new dishes with freshest ingredients! Check it out yourself

Smoked Salmon

Imported Smoked Salmon, Thousand Island dressing, Eggs & Onion served with Cranberry Salad!

Sparkling Teas

Refreshing sparkling teas in the flavors of Apple, Berries and Lemon.

Ready-To-Drink Teas

Premium natural fresh teas in the flavors of Peach and Lemon.

Chef's Grilled Chicken

Bite into the tasty skin & juicy meat of this perfectly grilled chicken that's lip-smacking good! Served with gravy-laden mashed potatoes and cranberry side salad.

Poppy Citrus Salad

Fresh lettuce topped with chicken bacon bits, poppy seed, juicy mandarin oranges, almond flakes & drizzled with lime juice, olive oil & onion vinaigrette!