Our story

our story

Searching for your perfect drink is a tricky business.

Every cup of beverage is unique.

It is a composition of the highest quality blend, the right mix of powders, and an equally passionate barista that can cater to your every need. And not to forget the most important ingredient of all, lots and lots of love.

That's why at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf®, we are committed to give you the best experience that only you deserve.

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It started from the earth where all good things come from.

We hand-picked the finest grade of beans and leaves from Southern Colombia all the way to the fields of Sri Lanka. They are harvested from independent farms and private estates too, so we can give back to your local mom-and-pop seed growers who love coffee and tea as much as we do.

Then, years of continuous research have enabled us to produce industry-firsts powders to complement the blends and add flavors to your beverages.

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Of course no amount of research and high-quality beans could compensate for human touch.

When these ingredients arrive in our stores, our barista would gladly customize your drink as per your liking.

Vanilla or hazelnut? Full cream or skimmed milk? We got you covered, sometimes with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles on top!

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We don't stop at just coffee and tea.

Our baked goods are made in our own baking facilities, added with personal touches by our retail staff to suit your requests. We also offer fresh and wholesome meal prepared with utmost care in our in-store kitchens.

This is what we are devoting our lives to, making sure every experience as unique and personal so you, too, will Find your Flavor.

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